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Linda Kasonde

Owner, LCK Chambers, Zambia
Founder & Executive Director, Chapter One Foundation.

Why did you decide to study law?

My mother had always advised my sister and I that, as a women, it is important to have a profession because whatever happens to you, you will always have that thing to fall back on.

What is your proudest professional moment thus far?

Being elected the first female President of the Law Association of Zambia (Bar Association)

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Looking back, what is one decision/action you would have done differently?

I always say there's no such thing as a wasted experience. As Nelson Mandela once said, you either win or you learn

Share some major professional challenges you have faced, or continue to face as a woman in law.

As a practicing lawyers I was very fortunate to have supportive male bosses and partners. However when I entered "legal politics" in the Bar Association I quickly learned that women were expected to be less competent and were subjected to more abuse and at times physical threats.

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What are some practical strategies for survival in the legal profession?

As Oprah Winfrey likes to say, being excellent is the best answer to all your detractors. Also, as Maya Angelou said, having courage is the most important of all virtues as as you can't practice any other virtue consistently without it

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