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Ade Wede Kekuleh

Ade Wede Kekuleh

Gender, Human Rights, Conflict and Peace Specialist.
Chartered Accountant.
Member, Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia.

My Story, Your Inspiration

Advocacy for me has always been second nature, my reason for studying law. Working with disadvantaged women and girls, especially women and girls living with HIV, drove home the realization that they needed to be heard. When we started with advocacy for women and girls living with HIV, it dawned on us that they needed someone to speak for them. Many of them were being thrown out of their homes, leaving their children behind, either by their spouses or spouses’ family members, because of their HIV status. Sadly, HIV is given the face of a woman. From our advocacy through the courts and with traditional leaders, women living with HIV could remain in their homes with their children, even if they lost their spouses.
As women, let's view whatever comes our way as challenges, not obstacles. We African women did the unthinkable, electing a woman president. There is very little we cannot do, once we set our minds to doing it. Women face anything thrown at us. Despite the entrenched marginalization of the past, we didn't withdraw then; there is absolutely no reason why we should shy away now! You can do this, and anything else!

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