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Chafika Bensaoula, PhD

Chafika Bensaoula, PhD

Judge, African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights
Professor at the National School of the Magistrature (Algeria)
Former Adviser to the Minister of Justice (Algeria)

My Story, Your Inspiration

There are times in our lives that mark us either positively or negatively. But this qualification mixes up in some and forces you to rise stronger and more aware. I remember the day my life as a couple ended and will always remember it because it was above all the beginning of a life as fruitful as it was memorable. As a career judge I recognized the shortcomings of our family code in caring for divorced women and children both materially and legally and I immediately proposed modifications.

My rise toward positions of responsibility had begun! Playing the role of father and mother for my children had fueled in me a desire for perfection and to set an example. Getting my doctorate was a second step and the success of my children and their equilibrium both mentally and professionally ...... the climax!

Being a woman is no small task. Being a woman is a symbol of courage, perseverance, struggle and success. We give life, we fight for the success of this being for which we are responsible; let us persevere in everything we do and never give up because after the rain always comes good weather and each problem has its solution. Our creator made us this way, the most difficult task is to give life (birth), and we assume it! So, how could we not go ahead with anything that requires less effort and less sacrifice?

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