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Felicia Coleman

Felicia Coleman

Co-Chair, Law Reform Commission of Liberia.
Former Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Liberia.
Former Chief Prosecutor, SGBV Crimes Unit.

My Story, Your Inspiration

When one has practiced law for many years in various areas, sometimes it gives one the confidence to take on a job or position without thinking about the magnitude of challenges that come with it. Having practiced as a trial lawyer for many years, served as Circuit Court Judge and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, I was confident to take on any job as a lawyer. However, all of my confidence, knowledge, and skills as a lawyer were put to the test when I accepted the position of Chief Prosecutor and Administrator of a newly created Sexual Violence Crimes Unit in Liberia. This was the most challenging job in my legal career. But with determination to seek justice and provide support to victims of sexual violence, we braced the odds and set the basis for the prosecution of sexual violence in Liberia. Never give up on your desire to become whatever you want to be in this male-dominated world. Women are capable of being anything. Remember you will have to work hard to achieve your goals. There is no easy way to success.

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