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Foluke Awolalu

Foluke Awolalu

President, Customary Court of Appeal, Osun State, Nigeria (Current Position).
Former High Court Judge, Osun State Judiciary.
Former Deputy Director, Ministry of Justice, Lagos State.

My Story, Your Inspiration

I started my career with the Ministry of Justice Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria as a State Counsel and later transferred to Lagos State Ministry of Justice. The transfer made me lose seniority relative to my mates. This led to discouragement, and I even considered resigning from the service. Wise counsel from my family and my then-boss made me stay in the job. Faced with many challenges, I was undaunted and determined to excel and remain focused on reaching the peak of my career. By divine intervention and hard work, at a point, I had a double promotion, which encouraged me tremendously. Also, by God’s grace and divine intervention and the drive to reach the top coupled with encouragement from my husband, I showed interest in being a Judge in my State of origin, Osun State, rather than my husband’s State of origin, Ondo State. Miraculously at the first attempt, I was appointed a Judge in Osun State Judiciary. Again nine months to my retirement after 17 years as a Judge, I was elevated to my present position as President, Customary Court of Appeal, thus getting to the very peak of my career.

Hard work, justice without fear or favour and the fear of God have been my watchwords and account for my success on the Bench and the various landmark rulings and judgments I have delivered. To be a successful career woman, it is imperative to be a successful family person; one needs to strike a work-home balance that engenders the support of their spouse and children, within a wholesome spiritual/religious life. Jurists need to humble themselves and win the love, respect, and support of their family to make a success of their career. I have had a very supportive husband and understanding children who, at every stage of my career, especially on the Bench, had to endure spatial distance for several years. An adaptive approach enabled me to have meaningful social bonding with my staff without sacrificing the professional demands for meaningful and productive work.

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