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Funke Agbor

Funke Agbor

Partner, ACAS-LAW, Nigeria.
First female maritime lawyer to become a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN).

My Story, Your Inspiration

There is nothing particularly remarkable about my professional journey, and I don’t think I was disadvantaged in any way that I recognized. I was fortunate that going to school and achieving a degree in law from the University of Lagos and being called to the Nigerian Bar for me was part of my plan. I did not battle any extraordinary odds, but taking a break in transmission to become a wife, mother, etc.-- that was a challenge. Taking the extra step to become a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), and the first female maritime lawyer in Nigeria to become a SAN, in a field of mainly male and younger lawyers, was a real test - of a shortlist of about 50 applicants, there were only two women, and we both got through. I have learned that in the process of moving up any professional ladder, do not be afraid to ask for help. Someone will say yes!

As soon as you set a goal for yourself, the challenges to achieving that goal will immediately materialize. Life will always happen and could be the catalyst that drives you forward or sets you back. Be intentional and choose to regard the challenge as one to propel you forward and over the obstacle. Be humble (you cannot know everything), and ask for help where you think you can find it. There will be a champion to advise and guide you.

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