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Jamesina Essie King

Jamesina Essie King

Judge, Court of Appeal, Sierra Leone.
Commissioner, African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights.

My Story, Your Inspiration

The 11 years of civil war and post conflict reconstruction in Sierra Leone brought to the fore the need for gender justice and to address pervasive inequalities and violence at all levels in our society. It has been a long struggle and I sometimes feel overwhelmed and wonder whether it is possible to achieve true peace and development. I know we are not alone and it is a global challenge. My work as an enforcer of the law has also made me to realize that every time litigants access the courts it is one step to justice, sustainable peace and development. I am happy to see that more women are accessing the courts to enforce their rights. Insecurity anywhere leads to insecurity everywhere. We need to continue pressing on to make the world a safer and peaceful place for everyone.

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