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Motsehoa Brenda Madumise

Motsehoa Brenda Madumise

Rental Tribunal Chairperson
Co- Chair, Interim Steering Committee on Gender- Based Violence and Femicide
Director- Wise4Afrika- Feminist Organisation

My Story, Your Inspiration

The 2018 Protest action on gender based violence under the banner #TheTotalShutDown- womxn in their diversity took their resistance to the streets of South Africa demanding their basic human rights to safety. A movement that galvanised womxn irrespective of their age, religious belief, political affiliation, class, sexual orientation and geography. Armed with comprehensive set of 24 demands, we made our mark in forcing South Africa to pause and take notice of sexism, discrimination, patriarchy, misogyny and toxic masculinity and the effects of such on womxn and young girls. The results of which has been the development of the first National Strategic Plan on Gender -Based Violence and Femicide that is multi-sectoral in its approach and implementation. As we address prevention strategies we working are tirelessly to advocate for justice for victims of gender discrimination and gender- based violence- we are challenging and exposing the gender dat gap that is at the root of perpetual systemic discrimination against womxn and that has created and continues to create a pervasive but invisible bias with profound effect on womxn's lives.

My advice for women in law is to be consistent and authentic. Be engaged and stay engaged, build a network of collaborators based on mutual respect and shared vision. Do not chase funding- let the work speak for itself and funding will follow.

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