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Oluremilekun Adegoke

Oluremilekun Adegoke

Principal Partner, Pine Consult, Abuja, Nigeria.

Chairperson, Sanctions Appeals Board, African Development Bank (AfDB) Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire.

Former President, Court of Appeal, The Gambia.

My Story, Your Inspiration

I first trained as a nurse, but I later proceeded to study law. I engaged in a rigorous private legal practice for about a decade before I was appointed a lecturer by Nigerian Law School, where I rose to the level of Director–Academics.

I had a generally fulfilling time teaching law at the Nigerian Law School. I had an impactful working experience despite opposition and discriminations due to male dominance. But I became resilient and steadfast even as my forthrightness and hard work could not be questioned. As a teacher, I developed a unique way of instilling ethics and morality in students while teaching. I honed my mentoring and coaching skills, having mentored many men and women, old and young, among the thousands of students that have passed through my tutelage in over two decades. In 2016, I was appointed a Judge of the Court of Appeal of The Gambia and later the President of the Court, at a time when the host country was not politically clement. But I was focused and committed to my work with all humility and integrity. I returned to Nigeria due to political changes in the host country.

During my career, I experienced adverse and unequal treatments where men seemed preferred on narrow premises. I was not deterred but rather committed to study and research. I became resolute and bold to always stand for what is right and uphold integrity. Career women in law, should possess integrity without compromise. You do not need recognition or promotion at all costs, but rather to be determined, hard working and resilient where ever you are. I am passionate for the rights of women generally but most especially, their socio- economic rights. Women need to survive and be sustained socio-economically just like their male counterparts. Besides being committed as a teacher, I devoted time to legal publications and have since continued to develop myself in the field of Arbitration. Post voluntary retirement from teaching, I became a Member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSAN).

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