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Rebecca Badejobgin, Ph.D.

Rebecca Badejobgin, Ph.D.

Director (Academics) Nigeria School of Law
First woman Director (Academics) from Northern Nigeria, Nigeria School of Law since its inception in 1962.

My Story, Your Inspiration

God has been very central to my professional progression. My father regarded education as very important for his girls and boys. With my mother's support, they made tremendous sacrifices to give priority to our education. Hence access to the first stages of my studies up to my first degree and vocational training were somewhat seamless. However, I had to surmount significant challenges even then, and also with the four postgraduate qualifications, including a Ph.D. in Law I eventually obtained. I commenced my career in a public interest organization where we gave free legal representation to indigent clients. I moved on to active private legal practice for some years before moving into academia. I have found satisfaction in my over 19 years of providing training for future generations of lawyers.

I am glad that my research and publications have added to debates and policies on contemporary issues in the legal profession, the government, and society. I am enthused and humbled by the opportunity to stand before sometimes about 1,700 students annually to disseminate knowledge, skills, ethics, and values, and to mentor several, including younger colleagues. Resilience and hard work always produce good results. That has been my experience. For women, juggling the home front with a career can be very daunting. I have found a growing fulfillment in combining the two regardless of the few setbacks that ensued. I acknowledge God in all these.

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