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Stella Anukam

Stella Anukam

Judge, African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights

My Story, Your Inspiration

To the glory of God Almighty, I have enjoyed a fulfilling career in public service. I rose through the ranks with promotions when due but this didn’t happen without its challenges. As the pioneer Legal Adviser and Secretary for a government agency, I worked alongside the Board of Directors and Executive management. A shortage of staff at the agency’s infancy meant I was bearing a brunt of the work to get the Agency on its’ feet. I was misunderstood and faced opposition in some quarters but I remained diligent in my work. In my 10 years at the Agency, I worked with four Board Chairmen, seven Managing Directors and several Executive Directors—all male. What spoke for me was my work ethic, professionalism, and resolute loyalty to the well being of the Agency.

Women are nearer to emancipation than we can imagine. The world is waking up to the excellence, diligence and conscientiousness we bring to every space we occupy. I implore all African women to remain resilient, focused and steadfast as we strive to achieve fulfillment in various aspects of our lives. Remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. We are endowed by God Almighty to do the extraordinary and go the extra mile. It is also important that we look out for, support and champion each other; we are unstoppable when we come together. I am eternally grateful for the sacrifices of the women before me and I commit to continue doing the work to amplify our voices and move the needle forward for African women in whatever way I can, so help me God.

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