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Yemisi Awonuga

Yemisi Awonuga

Partner, Templars Law Firm, Nigeria.

My Story, Your Inspiration

I owe my success to my parents, Christ, and a fair share of life's challenges, which I have had to embrace in my journey through life. I was not raised as a girl-child but as a human. In the words of my parents, ''there is enough room at the top, and that is where you belong. So work for it.'' Yemisi, you must always ask yourself, am I still learning.'' If the question cannot be answered in the affirmative, it is time to take on new opportunities.'' These words were the compass for me. I have also been privileged to have been mentored by some of the finest minds in the legal profession. Excellence in legal service delivery is key, and your eye must always be on the ball.

Growing up in my household, you could not come back to my parents with a burst tire for a car you drove out. You were required to fix the tire, and there was no exception for me as a girl. As insignificant as this could sound, it blurred the mental limitations and spurred me on from my first degree in law and on to an LLM at the Cardiff University Law School and an MSc. at the Centre for Energy at the University of Dundee. To my fellow women, My journey has not been smooth. Still, the challenges I have embraced gave birth to the resilience, tenacity, and maturity required to stay focused. Embrace your challenges; acknowledge your mistakes; review why the mistakes were made so you do not repeat them. Set your goals; be determined to get up if you fall, celebrate your wins, and talk to God. Be consistent and only give up on a dream, if you have the conviction so to do.

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