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Yinka Omorogbe, SAN

Yinka Omorogbe, SAN

Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan

Secretary to the Corporation/ Legal Adviser Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

Attorney General, Edo State, Nigeria

My Story, Your Inspiration

I never wanted to be a lawyer, even though my father was one. I always said that I would be an architect, and on the very few days that I wavered, it was something in the sciences, definitely not law. The Law just happened to me, and at the time it appeared that I just drifted into it. I nearly even considered studying architecture after doing Law School. Decades later, I can see that I was in fact walking in accordance with my destiny and the perfect will of God concerning me. I was destined to be a lawyer but didn't know it at the time. So, my advice to people is to enjoy the journeys and destinations of life, and don't think or pine about the road that you did not take. It most likely wasn't yours, so relax and make the most of what and where you are. The chances are, this is the perfect will of God concerning you. Only then can you reframe your present narratives and actually enjoy and flourish wherever you are. Please note, I am not talking about enduring unpalatable situations that cause grief or pain. Do all you can to change those situations because life too short and you have a right to be happy in your profession, and in every area of life. Very few people are born to be martyrs, so you can safely assume you aren't one.

I always tell women to occupy their spaces. If the top seat is yours, occupy it, you belong there. You are not there by accident; you have what it takes. So, persevere. Please don't give up. Again, take responsibility for your own actions; unsuccessful people blame others for their failures and therefore do not succeed. Taking responsibility allows you to be control of your circumstances. When there are problems, look critically and see how you can surmount any obstacles and negativism in such a way that you come out with a true, and not a pyrrhic, victory. Once your mind is made up, you will definitely get to your destination. A fourth point is that you shouldn't be too sensitive. The truth is that many people who you think are ignoring or not answering you nicely are preoccupied with other matters. This allows you to be in control of your circumstances.

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