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 We invite submission of blog posts on any legal issue that has a connection to women and gender. Blog submissions can   be from any area of the law, and we particularly welcome issues from areas traditionally excluded from gendered analysis,   such as cybersecurity, international trade and technology.



  1. Anyone with an interesting, critical or informative issue on any aspect of gender and the law from domestic, international or comparative perspectives.

  2. Evaluative summaries of workshop or conference proceedings on women and law are welcome.

  3. There is no disciplinary or professional restriction - judges, lawyers, policymakers, academics, graduate students and all interested parties.

  4. Submissions with a legal or judicial focus from non-legal disciplines are welcome.



  1. You may send an email expressing interest in submitting a blog entry.

  2. All blog entries must be typed in Microsoft word 500-1000 words.

  3. Cite all external sources using hyperlinks and or endnotes.

  4. Email your entry to (Subject line: Blog Entry)

  5. Pictures are welcome (please ensure you have copyright permissions).

  6. We will review and get back to you as soon as it is approved.


We look forward to receiving your expressions of interest and full blog submissions!