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The Gender Equality in Law Campaign (GELC) is a Pan-African initiative by the Institute for African Women in Law (IAWL) to raise awareness about the challenges women in the legal profession face. The Campaign uses evidence-based research, stakeholder engagement and public advocacy to ignite policy reforms for equitable and women-inclusive institutional practices and policies that support women’s career development and leadership.


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Sexual Harassment

The Violence and Harassment Convention defines violence and harassment as "a spectrum of unacceptable actions or threats, whether isolated or recurring, intended to cause, result in, or have the potential to cause physical, psychological, sexual, or economic harm. This encompasses gender-based violence and harassment.


Equal pay for equal work

The gender pay gap remains a significant issue in workplaces, with women often receiving lower pay for equivalent or equally valuable work, a concern recognized by the ILO since 1919. The gender pay gap indicates gender inequalities in pay, measuring the difference between the average earnings of men and women as a percentage of men's earnings.

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Equitable Hiring
and Promotion

Women play crucial roles in Africa's economy but frequently engage in informal, low-income occupations. In most organizations, promotions are normally based on an individual's merit and work performance. The gender disparity in workplace promotions can be attributed to the allocation of tasks, women's reluctance to negotiate and a tendency to avoid tasks that are likely to get them promoted (Babcock, Recalde, Vesterlund, & Weingart, 2017)


Gender Bias and Stereotypes

Gender biases, which are simplified beliefs about a group,  are the fundamental cause of gender inequality. They originate from the “undervaluation of women’s capabilities and rights in society.” The effects of these biases go as far as limiting the choices, opportunities, perceptions and attitudes directed at women, particularly in the workplace (Human Development Reports, 2023).

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Message from our M.A.L.E allies


Join the GELC Alliance

The GELC Alliance is a solidarity group comprising law firms, law associations, bar associations, regional and international organizations, think tanks and advocacy groups united and committed to supporting the Gender Equality in Law Campaign (GELC) and advancing the voice of women in law and leadership.

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