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GELC Alliance

About the Alliance

The Gender Equality in Law Campaign (GELC) Alliance is a solidarity group comprising law societies, bar associations, judicial bodies, women’s rights organizations, regional and international organizations, think tanks and advocacy groups united and committed to supporting the GELC and advancing the voice of women in law and leadership. 


Participating in IAWL's initiatives to increase awareness of the obstacles women encounter in the legal field reflects a commitment to promoting gender justice and equality. Additionally, the Alliance supports the attainment of UN Sustainable Development Goals #5 (Gender Equality) and #16 (Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions), along with the African Union Agenda 2063 goal #17 (Gender Equality).


As a member of the GELC Alliance, your organization will have the opportunity to contribute to the campaign's success in various ways.

Why join the alliance


Information regarding these levels of participation can be accessed here

Join IAWL's endeavors to raise awareness about the challenges women encounter in the legal profession. Alliance members can engage in the campaign at one of three levels.

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Take the Gender Solidarity Pledge

As part of the campaign, members of the GELC Alliance are encouraged to demonstrate their commitment by taking the Gender Solidarity Pledge and sharing it within their networks. Law firms can access the pledge by clicking here, while other organizations can sign up through the appropriate form provided.

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Support the campaign by donating or sponsoring activities. Your financial contribution will greatly enhance our campaign's ability to make the impact and change we all aspire to see. We offer various sponsorship opportunities and urge members to consider maximizing the impact of our advocacy efforts. Please click here to see the options for supporting this campaign


Take the gender solidarity pledge

The Violence and Harassment Convention defines violence and harassment as "a spectrum of unacceptable actions or threats, whether isolated or recurring, intended to cause, result in, or have the potential to cause physical, psychological, sexual, or economic harm. This encompasses gender-based violence and harassment.

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Alliance members will share and promote materials on the campaign among their networks. This includes email marketing and social media platforms, which will help to reach a broader audience and amplify the campaign message.

Meet our

  Alliance Members

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