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Women in Law Mentoring Partnership

New mentoring opportunities for women's legal partnerships


The Women in Law Mentoring Partnership provides a rare opportunity for women in law to network and provide support for each other. The Mentoring Partnership is open to all women working across various legal professions. Law students and early career professionals are especially encouraged to apply. The program departs from the traditional notion of a top-down mentoring relationship where the mentor is conceived as the giver and the mentee the receiver. This is called a Partnership since both parties to the mentoring program stand to benefit from engaging with each other. The program is geared towards meeting the needs of both young and matured participants interested in sharing experiences and best practices for upward mobility within the profession. Through this program, we hope to foster strong professional relationships among women to address some of the challenges associated with the “boys club”, the benefits of which women are often denied access.


The primary goal is to create linkages aimed at providing a well-structured program where both mentors and mentees can positively impact each other’s lives. Both parties to the mentoring relationship are givers and winners.


  • Once you have been paired with a mentoring partner, priority areas are identified and a plan of action implemented to achieve your mutually agreed upon goals.​

  • Mentors and mentees need not be in the same location. Virtual communication can be used for purposes of engaging with one another.

  •  Mentors and mentees will be asked to provide updates on the progress of their mentoring partnership.

  • Mentors and mentees may be invited to future mentoring partnership events to either present on their partnership or lead discussions on ways to improve the program.