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Opportunities You Should Not Miss!

The Institute for African Women in Law (IAWL) announces two opportunities from organizations we closely work with. These opportunities provide a gateway to realizing gender equality in the workplace:

1. The Commonwealth Secretariat is currently recruiting an Adviser and Head of the Gender Section at their Secretariat. The Adviser and Head of Gender will provide leadership, strategic direction and management to the section, overseeing annual planning, personnel and financial management. S/he will lead high-level advisory missions on gender-related assignments and represent the Secretariat on gender issues in Commonwealth countries. S/he is responsible for the preparation, delivery and dissemination of results on gender aspects of the Strategic Plan. The post-holder is expected to have a combination of specialist expertise in technical analysis and policy influence on gender, strong leadership and managerial skills, diplomacy, and the ability to network with and influence senior people.

The Commonwealth Secretariat is a voluntary association of 56 member governments and provides guidance on policy-making, technical assistance and advisory services to Commonwealth member countries. To learn more about the role and requirements, please click here.

2. The International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ) is running a five-year program that endeavours to transform judicial institutions and create enabling environments in which women enter, thrive, and advance as leaders in the judiciary. Through the initiative, the IAWJ will establish a ‘Rising Leaders Cohort’ that will include up to five (5) outstanding, early-career judges, justices, and/or magistrates nominated by IAWJ partners working in the Global South. As cohort members, these individuals will enjoy engagement with their peers and judicial leaders globally and have expanded opportunities to support Women in Leadership in Law initiative activities within their respective countries and as part of the global network of IAWJ members.

To be eligible for the Rising Leaders Cohort, individuals must either be part of the judiciary in a country in the Global South or live in exile from such a country to which they hope to return. For this cohort, the following regions are being considered - Latin America (including Spanish and non-Spanish speaking countries); the Caribbean; Eastern Europe; the Middle East; Sub-Saharan Africa; Central Asia; South and Southeast Asia; and Oceania.

IAWL encourages our network members to nominate outstanding judges, justices, and magistrates no later than Friday, 6 January 2023. The nomination packets should include all of the following, to be considered:

a. A brief (250 words or less) biography of the nominee, including the nominee’s name, current position title, number of years in the judicial sector or legal field, and contact information (email address and WhatsApp number)

b. Letter of Interest from nominee addressing why they should be selected as a member of the Rising Leader Cohort, what they think they would gain from attending the 2023 Biennial Conference, and willingness to commit to ongoing engagement after the conference.

c. Letter of Recommendation attesting to nominee’s leadership potential (this letter can be sent separately and via email, however that packet is not complete until received). All nominees will receive consideration without discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or nation of birth.

Nomination packets must be emailed to and received by

IAWJ is an organization that advances human rights and equal justice by empowering women on the bench to overcome gender bias in the law.


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