WEBINAR: Where are the African women in international law?


This webinar brings together high-level panelists who will discuss the factors behind the paucity of African women in international law organizations such as the International Law Commission, women as legal officers in international organizations and arbitral bodies. The International Law Commission (ILC) is holding elections in November, 2021. Since the ILC was created over 70 years ago, 229 members have been elected, out of which only seven have been women. To date, no African woman has served on the ILC, despite the nomination of Mwangala Beatrice Kamuwanga of Zambia in 1991. The upcoming elections in November will feature 13 candidates, only one is a woman—Prof. Phoebe Okowa of Kenya.

Panelists will discuss why gender inclusion is important, and provide practical recommendations to governments, individuals, and other bodies interested in gender diversity in international law on how we can achieve gender equality.

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