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IAWL Participates in the Women in Law Initiative Conference


The Women in Law Initiative- Vienna, presents the 2021 Conference and Justitia Awards, September 9-11, 2021.

Join our expert panel discussion on the global situation of women in legal professions including best practice examples and recommendations on how to promote and implement gender equality and diversity in all legal professions on a global scale, with:

📌 Swethaa Ballakrishnen, socio-legal scholar, Assistant Professor of Law at the University of California, Irvine, and writer of 'Accidental Feminism'

📌 J. Jarpa Dawuni Esq., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Science at Howard University Washington, DC & Execute Director of the Institute for African Women in Law (IAWL)

📌 Divya Dwivedi, Advocate at the Supreme Court of India

📌 Rehana Khan Parker, lawyer, activist, and director of WOZA, South Africa

📌 Paula Tavares, Senior Legal and Gender Specialist at the Worldbank

Expert Panel Discussion, September 9, 3:15 pm (CET), online. The Women in Law Conference, September 9-11, 2021. Get your ticket now at


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