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Men Advocates in Law for Equality



Fighting for gender equality without including male allies is like driving a car on two wheels; you will probably make the journey,  but at a slower pace, and a heavier burden to yourself. If men are part of the problem, they should be part of the solution.

J.Jarpa Dawuni, Ph.D.
Executive Director

The majority of precolonial traditional African systems were built on communality, consensus, and complementary gender roles.  The MALE Campaign is rooted in the positive indigenous systems of Ubuntu (Nguni word for humanity) and Isokan (the Yoruba word for unity). At IAWL, we believe that when women and men work in unity,  and in solidarity, we can achieve gender equality.

M.A.L.E is our #GenderSolidarity campaign with the vision of igniting individual and organizational transformation towards achieving gender equality in the legal profession.

Our Values

Gender sensitivity: Understand and be sensitive to how gender as a social construct affects and determines male and female roles and relationships.


Gender inclusion: Understand the need not to discriminate against others based on sex, gender identity, or other forms of gender stereotypes.


Gender equity: Provide fair opportunities to address past gender-based discrimination towards women and provide an equitable playing field.  


Gender equality: Provide equal opportunities for women and men in decision-making and enjoyment of the benefits of the means of production.

RAMP UP Pledge

Representing women's voices and actions in decision-making at the workplace.


Advancing women's leadership at the workplace through the promotion of talent.


Mentoring & professional sponsorship for women in junior positions through positive action.


Promoting a gender equality mindset at the individual and organizational levels.


Understanding intersectional gender biases and stereotypes that affect women negatively.


Promoting a gender-inclusive culture at the individual and organizational levels.


Specific:  Clearly defined actionable goals & indicators at the individual or organizational levels.


Measurable:  Tracking your progress towards meeting your goals. 


Achievable: Goals that can be met within your context.


Realistic: Attainable within your given capabilities.


Timely: Time-bound targets that can be periodically evaluated and assessed.


**Develop your unique S.M.A.R.T  goals to meet the pledge.


Become a MALE Ally!

At IAWL, we believe that men and women can work together to achieve gender equality in the legal profession.


We invite you to join the MALE Allies Network and share why you choose to be a MALE ally!