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Eusebia Munuo

Eusebia Munuo

Retired Judge, Court of Appeal, Tanzania.
Former President, International Association of Women Judges.

My Story, Your Inspiration

I was the first woman on the bench in my country in 1970. I joined the Judiciary of Tanzania as a Resident Magistrate and climbed the judicial ladder, gradually jumping no step until I reached the High Court in 1987. In August 2002, I was appointed to the highest court of the land, the Court of Appeal of Tanzania. I served the Judiciary of Tanzania for 42 years and four months. My advice to women joining the judiciary is to focus on your career and maintain your integrity and impartiality. Observe the professional code of conduct and ethics. Although I was the only female on the bench in 1970, by the time I retired in September 2020, more than 30% of the judiciary of Tanzania were women. I encourage women to join the bench and help the community to change discriminatory attitudes and demeaning values.

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