Cases, Courtrooms and Covid-19 in Cape Verde: A Judge's View

By Ângela Rodrigues

Criminal Court Judge, Praia, Cape Verde


I joined the Public Prosecutor's Office in 2003, and I have been a judge in the District of Praia since May 2010 in the criminal division. Within the scope of the powers of the judiciary,[1] in addition to being a trial judge, I execute acts of the competence of investigating judge under the terms defined by the Code of Criminal Procedure, and also the execution of criminal sentences.

Cape Verde, like other countries, has not escaped the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Cape Verde declared the situation of emergency on March 18, 2020 due to the registration of cases of COVID-19 on the island of Boa Vista, and on March 26, 2020, the state of public calamity was declared by Resolution No. 53/2020. The resolution effectively prohibited travel (air and sea) of passengers, throughout the national territory, the closure of public services, with the exception of certain essential services, including the urgent services of the Judicial Courts and the Public Prosecution Office.