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Congrats to IAWL Intern Christine Lassey: Valedictorian at the University of Ghana -School of Law

by Michele Lynda Mugenyi


Christine Selikem Lassey (CSL) is a recent graduate of the School of Law-University of Ghana, who has combined her love for learning the law with gaining practical experience as an intern at IAWL. Christine recently graduated top of her class, and was the Valedictorian for Law, Medicine and Dentistry. Michele Lynda Mugenyi (MLM), Program Assistant at IAWL had a brief chat with Christine.

MLM: Why did you read for Law?

Photo credit: Christine Selikem Lassey

CSL: Government was my favorite course in High School; I would spend hours reading my government textbook and other related books on governance. In one class we discussed the topic 'Organs of Government'. After class, I read chapter 11 of the 1992 Constitution and was fascinated by the delicate role the Judiciary plays in the legal system. I have wanted to be a Justice of the Supreme Court ever since.

MLM: What does it mean to you to be valedictorian?

CSL: When I decided to apply to read for Law, some people discouraged me— I was not the crème de la crème of my High School. Nevertheless, I was determined to outdo myself. Hence why gaining admission to Law School was the catalyst for my journey to academic excellence. Now that I have become class’ Valedictorian for Law, Medicine and Dentistry I am convinced that hard work pays off. I have proven to myself, and to others, that anything is possible.

MLM: Studying under COVID-19 conditions

CSL: My first and second year in Law School was a smooth ride. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck in my third year, the semester was abruptly interrupted. The School Management moved teaching and learning online, and I had to adjust my learning routine. Initially, I studied in the library all day to avoid distractions at home, but the lockdown meant that I had to learn at home with limited legal resources. My dilemma was compounded by unstable internet connectivity. I was subjected to an eight-week-long semester in my final year instead of the usual fourteen weeks. However, the management of the Law School assisted its students tremendously during these difficult times.

MLM: What do you plan to do in the future when you finish law school?

CSL: My goal is to sit on the Supreme Court of Ghana, become the Chief Justice, and branch out into the international judicial system. Before then, I want to gain valuable experience as a lawyer. Similarly, I desire to be a legal academic and contribute significantly to legal discourse.


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