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Exciting New Opportunities at IAWL


Happy new year to all our old and new friends!

The Institute for African Women in Law (IAWL) invites you to join us for exciting and impactful opportunities and programming for 2022. This year, we will be launching the Women's Excellence in Law and Leadership (WELL) Initiative which promises to propel women's leadership in law across Africa and the African Diaspora. Please take some time to explore our new initiatives:


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Forthcoming Events and Webinars

  1. Launch of the Women's Excellence in Law and Leadership Initiative

  2. Launch of the Senior Advocates of Nigeria Report

  3. Launch of the African Women in International Law Report

  4. Launch of the Self-care for Women in Law Report

  5. Launch of the Champion Role Models Mentoring Program

  6. Launch of the High-Level Advisory Panel on International Law and Organizations


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