IAWL Launches the M.A.L.E Allies Campaign-Working with Men to Achieve Generation Equality



For immediate release

April 12, 2021

Washington, DC, USA- The Institute for African Women in Law has launched a campaign dubbed M.A.L.E Allies (Men Advocates in Law for Equality). The campaign brings together men and women in conversation and the adoption of concrete actionable steps to promote gender equality. Rooted in African indigenous systems, the campaign builds on the idea that majority of precolonial traditional African systems were built on communality, consensus, and complementary gender roles. The MALE Campaign is rooted in the positive African indigenous systems of Ubuntu— (Nguni word for humanity) and Isokan—(Yoruba word for Unity).

At IAWL, we believe that when women and men work in unity and solidarity, we can achieve gender equality. MA.L.E is our #GenderSolidarity campaign with the vision of igniting individual and organizational transformation towards achieving gender equality in the legal profession.

Discussing the need for this partnership with men, Dr. J.Jarpa Dawuni, Executive Director of the Institute remarked:

"Fighting for gender equality without including male allie