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PRESS RELEASE: IAWL Launches Comprehensive Reports on Women in Law and Leadership

6th June 2023

WASHINGTON, DC: The Institute for African Women in Law (IAWL), a Pan-African organization dedicated to supporting women in law across Africa, has launched ten comprehensive reports on Women in Law and Leadership in four countries—Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal and South Africa. The reports focus on women’s representation in leadership at the bar, the bench, and the legal academy. In addition to the country reports, a Leadership Training Manual provides practical roadmaps for women pursuing leadership in law.

The reports form part of IAWL’s five-year strategic Women’s Excellence in Law and Leadership (WELL) Initiative. The reports examined women’s access to positions of leadership in the legal professions; reviewed their retention and intersectional challenges and barriers that lead to attrition from the profession; and provided recommendations on interventions that can promote and facilitate their representation in leadership roles, to meet UN SDG #5 on gender equality. The reports provide a blueprint and recommendations for interventions by policymakers, gatekeepers within the profession, civil society organizations, bar associations, judicial authorities, funding agencies, and other bodies interested in promoting women’s leadership in law.

These reports will inform IAWL’s upcoming programmatic interventions to support women’s leadership in law by working with philanthropic organizations and partners in target countries to prepare a leadership pipeline for women in law. At IAWL, we believe that when women rise, their communities rise! Join us in our efforts to amplify the work of African women in law.

To view the highlight videos from the country launches in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, visit our Youtube channel.

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