Of Gaudy Earrings, Bare Arms and Revealed Cleavage: The Feminine Face of the ills of the Bar?

By Francisca Serwaa Boateng, Esq.

FSB Law Consult, Ghana


Literature-in-English was my favourite subject in both my O’ and A’ Level classes at St. Monica’s Secondary School in Asante-Mampong. Apart from the richness it added to one’s language, Literature-in-English also gave a vivid historical account of how people lived during various epochs of human civilization. I loved the African Writers Series but Shakespeare was also a favourite and I followed his writings with keen interest. Now, one of our select books for drama at A’ Level was HAMLET and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very early in the book, young Hamlet gave his mother, Gertrude, a dressing down in his first soliloquy. Apparently, Gertrude’s offence was that she had married Claudius, her late husband’s brother. “Frailty, thy name is woman”, Hamlet famously declared. When Hamlet later met with his mother in her closet, his words were even more scathing. Even at that early stage of life, my 17-year old brain got sh