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Women, Justice, and Law Series: The Feminine Face of COVID-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has multiple and intersectional implications for all citizens of the world. Viewed from a gendered perspective, the pandemic promises to widen existing inequalities and gender-based discriminatory practices, while introducing new challenges.

The Institute for African Women in Law is launching the Women, Justice and Law COVID-19 Series to discuss the intersectional implications of the pandemic. We invite critical analytical pieces (up to 500 words) from individuals across the globe. While acknowledging the challenges, we would also like to hear stories of resilience, practical innovation and how women are contributing through law and justice mechanisms to address the ongoing crisis.

We would like to hear how ongoing changes in working arrangements have affected women in law (lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals).

All entries must provide practical and policy solutions or recommendations to any issues raised by the author.

All entries must meet our standard submission guidelines which can be found HERE. We will publish these entries on our blog page after our internal review processes.


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